Saturday, November 01, 2008

Local Waldorf Christmas Faire.. don't miss it!

While we do not follow a Waldorf philosophy in our education, I am always attracted to the simplicity of the artwork, the natural toys and crafts and the beautiful stories.   Every year before Christmas, the local Waldorf school hosts a Faire that is a delight to the senses.  

In the modern days of tainted toys and food from China, wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere you can buy natural hand made gifts and support local artisans?  I highly recommend the faire for christmas shopping (there are local artisans, natural toys and craft supplies, children's clothing etc..), and it is a great family outing as well.  You buy tickets for the children's activities which include making apple rings, dipping candles, and more.  There is amazing food available, and live music in the cafe.  

Now if your interst in a Waldorf-style learning has been piqued, go check out Serendipity.  It's a beautiful blog created by two Catholic homeschooling mothers that blends catholicism with a waldorf-style of learning for the early years.  

more links:

Acorn's Journey: A Canadian store

Paper Scissors Stone: natural craft and art supplies.  A canadian supplier

Nova Natural:  simly scrumptious natural toys and craft supplies. Order their catalog just to have fun looking at it!

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