Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I was tagged... I feel like I'm back on the playground in elementary school :-)  (although i suppose spending time on the computer reading blogs and enjoying other women's company is a bit like recess!)

I was tagged by Melanie

6 things you might not know about me......

1.  I have a degree in Linguistics with a minor in psychology.  I also took half of an MA in linguistics and a year of Education.
2. When I was a little girl I lived in Denver, CO for 4 years and loved it there.  The snow in the winter and the warm days in the summmer were my favorite parts.
3. I love to read all sorts of books. The last novels I read were the Eragon series (written by a homeschooler).Any suggestions for a new novel to read? I'm looking for something light and easy with a heart-warming storyline.  
4. When I was a little girl, I used to fall asleep every night listening to the hockey games on the radio.  25 years later it's still the same guy who commentates.  
5. I don't own any pairs of pants! Crazy... except my jammies.  I love wearing skirts and pretty things.  It's so fun being a mommy.
6. God willing, I want to homeschool the kids all the way through high-school.  There is such a wealth of information and resources that I am convinced they can get a fabulous education at home, and grow into wonderful, gentle, kind, intelligent, thoughtful and independant peopole while doing it.  

Ok, I tag:

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Many Blessings!!!


Wee Pip said...

Fun! I'll try to post mine tomorrow. Later today, I should post a recap of last night's homeschool support meeting on Schedules & Routines. Wow, I have a lot of blogging to do, LOL!

Wee Pip said...

Ok, I posted 6 things on my blog!