Thursday, February 05, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

It all started with the yucky old carpets.  We wanted to replace them soon, and thought about hardwood... but it would be a shame not to replace the kitchen floor too, because then they would match, fade at the same time etc...  But then if we do the kitchen floor, we should really look at moving the 'island' because then if we ever did a big kitchen reno later we'd have this big area in the middle of the kitchen without hardwood... 


So, along comes the tools and the muscles, and our kitchen gets dismantled!! Watch for future updates. We haven't decided what to do from here.



Can I join the Dr. Ray Fan club??  I love this guy. His radio show is so hilarious, but at the same time he has such good common sense. Think Dr. Laura but not so mean.  I'm so excited he's coming to my city for 2 talks next month!!  (Albertans: he'll be at Canadian Martyrs on Sunday March 15th)


oh I'm out of interesting things to say already. This is going to be a boring list of 7.


Gardening... I need to order some seeds, but I have no seed catalogs. Where do you get these things?  I have to use my greenhouse in the spring and need a crash course in what I'm supposed to do.   I know it has something to do with seeds, water, and sun.  But beyond that??  HELP!!  I can't let this beautiful big gift from my grandma go to waste.


On that note, the nice lady at BC Greenhouses (where we bought our greenhouse) read my survey that I sent back and laughed at my note about how the kids locked the keys in the greenhouse (we think) because we can't find them anywhere and the door is locked and they were fascinated with it.  Anyways... she just wrote me yesterday and said she was sending me a new handle with a new lock and new keys!!!  

Let me tell you, this is the place to buy a greenhouse. Their customer service has been so far over the top that I want to buy another greenhouse just to deal with them again.  They sent me a lovely journal to keep track of my gardening, a beautiful key chain to hold my (lost) keys and a $10 gift certificate to Lee Valley!


WHAT is with the annoying rules that won't let Canadians watch TV online? URGH! Not like it's fun to watch hockey when your team loses anyways.


I'm going to bed. HA! No more witty blogging for me this week.  See ya next week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks way bigger! I can't wait to see what happens to it (whenever that


Val said...

I love it opened up! My kitchen was supposed to have cupboards like the ones you removed and when they came I wouldn't let them put them up.

Consider Marmoleum for your kitchen floors. It is a natural product.

BC Greenhouses sound amazing. They did all that because you lost your key. What would they do if you had a problem?

My Mom, the great Grandma Sonia, is a great source of seed ideas. I remember all the seed catalogues she would pour through all winter when I was a kid. She loved them. Unlike me, she actually ordered things and THEN planted them. Go figure.

Ever tried typing with a bandage on your index finger. It's amazing how hard it is!

kathy said...

Like the kitchen - look forward to more updates - I'll have to scan your blog and look for more info on your greenhouse. I want a greenhouse - we have the land and live in a windy area so a greenhouse makes sense