Thursday, February 05, 2009

painting time

E spent the morning painting with her acrylics. She has quite a collection of various paints because her love of art has resulted in many art supplies for birthday and christmas presents. Today she painted a picture for me, one for her little sister, and one for Z her little brother. I love them all!

Little H (3 yrs) was happy to paint a real sunshine that she worked very hard on, and even the twins got into the fun with a paint-with-water book.

Z was busy at his weekly kindergarten class, and painted a picture of a guy in a hot air balloon.

Only Es three pictures fit into my scanner, and my sore throat is making me lazy so if you want to see the other kids' work, you'll have to come over and look at my fridge.

From Artwork 2009
From Artwork 2009


Patterson's page said...

I love checking out your blog for the homeschooling ideas and craft ideas! I love the lapbooks that you made! I don't homeschool but wish that I a fanciful way - dreaming about I'd be a great homeschooler like those wonderful blogging homeschoolers - like you! You and Holly Gustafson (who led me to your blog...) are so much the same - the linguistics degrees, the artistic children and talented craft ladies that you are! I want to buy one of Mia's paintings one day so I'll have to get in line to buy one of your daughter's also!

Val said...

Once again, I am enthralled with E's composition. The picture of the 2 girls at the beach just blows me away. Kudos Elizabeth!!!! I love you. Aunt Val

Val said...

Uncle Rob wants me to tell E that he thinks she's wonderful!