Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roses are Red...

From Drop Box
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Some kids are sweeter
Than we ever knew

This past valentines day was very special.  Daddy disappeared early in the morning and came back with his arms full of gifts for everyone:  McDonald's breakfast, helium balloons for the boys, flowers for the girls and chocolate and cards for everyone.  We had a lovely morning and everyone felt so special.    Later in the day, we all got ready to go to a family valentine's dance where they were serving wild game (boar, bison, hamburgers for the kids).  

Wanting to wish my dear grandma a happy valentine's day, I phoned her in the afternoon and we chatted for a long time.   She told me how her neighbor had been sick, and about her brother who was in the hospital with cancer... and how, not wanting either of them to feel sad on valentine's day, she had some simple flowers sent.  

I realized then, that this sweet woman, who had spent her life taking care of the people around her and giving her love to many many people, was probably sitting at home all by herself without her OWN flowers to cheer her up.  You see, my dear grandpa Pete had passed away a few years ago and she had moved to the city to live in a little condo by herself.

So we quickly changed our afternoon plans: the kids got busy making beautiful cards for grandma, and we got everyone ready to jump into the van and run to a last-minute flower shop before the dance started.  

Just as we were about to leave, little H the 3 year old comes running into the room with a big gift bag in her hands.  

"mommy! I have a present for Grandma!!"   

Upon further investigation, I discovered she was giving away an airplane tower from the Thomas the Tank Engine set in the basement.  

"hmmm... Well, don't you think she might like something a little more pretty?  She's a girl, remember? And girls like pretty things".

"Oh! I KNOW!!" ...and she took off running, coming back shortly with a beautiful doll from her prized collection that she recently acquired from a big girl at church.  She just loves these dolls.

We set off for grandma's house.  All the big kids got out, proudly rang the doorbell, waiting impatiently with their arms laden with gifts. Little H was holding the flowers, a card and her doll.  I'm sure it warmed Grandma's heart to see this crowd of admirers standing on her front porch in the snow.  

When it was H's turn, Grandma opened the gift, and H just beamed with joy... and then quietly said:

"Can you give it back on Thursday?"

Well... she IS only three :-)

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kathy said...

Oh what a precious story and family you have. Love your grandma and what a lovely pic I had in my head of all of you on the front doorstep

I love that
"can I have it back on Thurs?" Too funny