Monday, February 09, 2009

Bird Watching


Today we were surprised to see two biggish birds walking around under our spruce tree in the front yard. After looking in our bird books, we decided it was a Gray Partridge. There have been flocks of these around our neighborhood, and they are really cute. Pretty tame, and they just waddle here and there with all their little ones following behind.

This is Zs picture of one of them.

He put a check-mark and 'yes' beside it because the first attempt made him grumpy so he crossed it out.
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Wee Pip said...

how cute! I love the checkmarks and the "yes", LOL. Good luck on your kitchen! My, that could be a big project. I've lived in construction zones before with little ones around...not fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm feeling pretty good so far, just tired.

Val said...

Z drew that? Wow!! Excellent picture Zach. You are getting to be like your big sister. Kudos to you!

kathy said...

Cute - love the "extras" - the check mark and yes word - so inspirational for Z - what fun to watch out the window