Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Small Success (2)


Small Successes: from Faith and Family:  
...all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. 
Here's mine:

1. I was sick all last week, and this week the kids have taken turns with the tummy flu... I'm tired!! But tonight before going to bed with a good book, I decided to take the time to clean up so I could start the day fresh with an empty dishwasher and a tidy house.  That wasn't so hard afterall!

2. I ordered our new Vacation Bible School Curriculum for next year (so excited about doing one on St. Paul and the underground church in ancient Rome... ties in nicely with our history curriculum this year)... and we set the dates.  

3. I vacuumed the floors upstairs in all the bedrooms and straightened the kids bookshelves.. it's so nice and organized!!  It's amazing how many books you can find under beds and blankets and in closets and behind dressers when you start to look!!

How has your week gone?  It's easy to feel deflated by long weeks... especially in dreary february when winter is slow to end and the piles of schoolwork are slow to decrease.   For me, I'm looking to simplicity, in doing one small thing at a time.  I can do anything if I view it that way!!

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Colleen said...

It feels so good when you can get something organized, like a bookshelf!! I agree with doing one small thing at a time. Then the job doesn't seem so big. Hope you all stay healthy!