Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another snowy day

Yesterday there was no time for blogging because mommy was busy yelling at the kids and being grumpy LOL... don't we all have days like that? I was also busy getting ready to have a special dinner guest: Father Silvano, our priest. The kids were giddy over having him over for dinner, and much to his dad's consternation, Zachariah kept addressing Father as "silvano". He was quite talkative the whole night, and was showing Father all of his trains.

Today is a much better day... I got up early and made it to morning mass (brrrr!) and had a good 45 min of quiet during my holy hour while Grandma had breakfast with the kids at the bagel store. Jesus and I had a little talk about mothering :-) and even though I wanted to stay and pray all day in the cozy chapel, reading a beautiful book and just being near Him in the Eucharist, He reminded me that He gave my children to me, and that I can only really find myself by giving myself... And that is where He will truly bless me. By being all that I am called to be: mother, wife, daughter. So I reluctantly put on my mitts and big poofy jacket and dragged myself across the street to gather up my darling little children and bring them home.

Now we are again snuggled up at home with the heater on, nice music playing, and making some more crafts to hang on our Jesse Tree. Today we read the story of Abraham and Sarah and Elizabeth wanted to draw the picture of Sarah laughing when God told her she would have a baby (Sarah was in her nineties I believe LOL)... God told Sarah that ANYTHING was possible with God. (so all of you out there who think you are done with babies... Anything is possible LOL... Just remember the movie Father of the Bride 2. Wouldn't that be fun mom?)

We also did writing, and reading (wow, it's amazing how just leaving something for awhile and then coming back to it when she's a bit older seems to help... She read so much faster today, and we haven't done phonics for a month!). She's also teaching herself spelling, because she likes to show me how smart she is :-) I'd really be happy if she could teach Heather to stop pulling up on everything and just be happy sitting on a blanket playing with toys.

All we need to get in now is a little math and we'll be done for the day. Then I'm going to feed them lunch, snuggle them in bed with a good book and then go read my own of tea.


bjupMoM said...

I've been keeping up with your blog because I find it very encouraging! This post especially (having one of those days myself! LOL). Keep it up, it is a real blessing to other homeschool moms out there:) Sarah

melanie said...

Thanks Sarah :-)

I hope your day is bright and cheery as it goes on.
It's freezing here, and snowing.. but i'm happy and sunny anyways :-)

Mom said...

Melanie you are a true treat and I'm so proud you are my daughter.

What a wonderful mother, wife and daughter you are.