Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adventures at Church with Twin toddlers

I used to love going to church.  It was such a quiet, warm, prayerful place to go each week.  I loved it so much that I would often go to weekday masses each morning as well.  In fact, it is one of the things I love most about being Catholic.  Being able to recieve the Eucharist each and every day.

Anyhow... that was all before the twin factor entered our lives. 

Now it is all so different.  I still love the idea of church, I still love receiving communion... and I wouldn't miss a sunday mass for anything... but I don't often make it to daily mass, although it seems a shame because at this point in my life I think I need the graces more now than when I was actually going daily.  

We are lucky enough to live within a very short walk from our church, but when we get there, from the moment we enter the church building, until the moment we leave, we play the octopus game.  

Each of us (me and my husband that is), pull out our extra special hidden arms that come with twins and use them to keep various small under-the-age-of-reason children from:
  • running up the aisle towards the priest (and laughing an evil laugh because they know they are being bad)
  • running down the aisle out the doors into the back of the church and straight outside into the parking lot!
  • climbing under the pew in front of us to escape out the aisle
  • climbing over the pew behind us to escape (and landing on their heads onto the feet of very surprised parishoners)
  • dashing with great speed through the communion line, like a football player, weaving in and out of the communion ministers and the priest himself before finally making a quick exit out the back door
  • and more...
Keep in mind that these can all happen simultaneously if it's a really bad morning.  To fully experience the game, you'd have to come with us some sunday.  

I'm not sure what our current priest actually thinks of our endearing little family.  After the poor headless St. Joseph disaster when we had the previous priest over for supper, we haven't ventured very far in having our new priest over yet. 

I would attach some pictures, but I didn't think it was appropriate to be snapping shots in the middle of mass while my kids terrorized the place.  Funny, yes. Appropriate, no.  


Jessica said...

"pull out our extra special hidden arms that come with twins" <---- okay, this phrase alone made me laugh out loud and let me know that I need to subscribe to your blog. Yes! My extra special hidden arms! Isn't it nice that they issue a pair of those to every mom of twins?

Angel said...

LOL Personally, I keep my extra arms in the closet when not in use. (What am I saying? They're always in use!)