Friday, November 07, 2008

Belated halloween pictures

From 2008 10 31 Halloween
Trying to keep up with homeschooling, chores, meals, diapers and of course blogging.... I forgot about halloween somewhere in the middle of all of it.  Luckily we fixed up some costumes pretty fast!  

Z is always easy, he always wants to be St. Michael the archangel.  

The twins followed right behind him as two more archangels.

E dressed up in my old prom dress (with many safety pins to hem it up so she could walk).

H wanted to be a princess too.  So she tried on a dress for 30 min and decided it was too scratchy.  Then later E convinced her to try on a different dress, but it was too itchy, and close to the time we were leaving for our all saints day party, she tried on yet another princess dress... which also proved to be too scratchy.   

She ran upstairs and emerged with a triumphant look on her face announcing she was ready to go.   Wearing her bathing suit!!  

I finally persuaded her to put on some clothes and she came to the party as herself in her favorite green shirt, an old flowery pink organza skirt, and blue striped tights with orange crocs.  

The kids had a blast at the party. They played a donut game, ran and ran and ran, giggled and laughed, hit a pinata, and got way too much candy.  

Maybe next year I'll be on the ball and will actually sew them some fun costumes.

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