Thursday, November 06, 2008

Savoring the last drops of fall

I have always loved fall.  

It reminds me of my first pregnancy (with E) as she was born at the end of October.  I remember those carefree days near the end when I wasn't working, and had no children to take care of yet.  I remember that first month of her life, wrapped up in my sling under my big warm winter jacket, going for walks, wandering through the bookstore with a cup of tea, and just soaking in the joy of new motherhood.

I also remember fall for the month the twins were born and I spent the entire season (a short one that year) inside the hospital, watching over two little tiny beings, pumping milk and anxiously watching their oxygen numbers go up and down.  The trees were so brilliant that year, and as I sat in a little hospital room pumping milk to feed the twins, I was comforted with the knowledge that the world keeps on going, even if it feels like time has stopped.  God is always sustaining us.

This year wasn't quite so dramatic, and for that I am thankful.  Life with twins is full enough for me right now.

We enjoyed a trip to the local historical park, went on a few walks, raked some leaves and Z and his dad practiced a bit of street hockey.  

Here's a few pictures of our fall.  Click on the little Picasa icon on the bottom to see bigger ones if you want.

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aunt val said...

Great Pictures! I love the lighting on the one with Z & H in the leaves.