Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Printmaking with kids

This was a fun art project. We are learning about the introduction of the printing press and how it changed art. 

We are using the art curriculum called Artistic Pursuits, which I highly recommend.
Today's lesson called for us to try doing our own prints. We did monoprints today. It was really easy and fun for the kids.

Waxed paper
printers ink (or tempra or any thick liquid paint)
white paperrubber brayer (can find at michaels or any craft store)
pencil with an eraser
Wear old clothes, or a craft smock:

1. Cover the workspace with waxed paper. I taped it down to the table with masking tape.

2. pour a little bit of paint onto waxed paper. (we used about a TBS worth... don't measure it, just blob a bit on).

3. Use the brayer to spread the paint around so it smoothly covers the waxed paper in a rectangular area. Make sure it's smaller than the size of the paper you wish to print on.

4. Carefully use the eraser end of the pencil to draw a picture right into the wet paint. Remind the kids that this is not finger painting and they are to just use the pencil for drawing. Be careful not to push too hard or you can rip the waxed paper.

5. Gently place a piece of blank paper on top of your 'drawing' and smooth it down with one hand while the other hand holds the paper still. You don't want it slipping around or it will smear your image. The book we used told the kids to make a fist and use the fleshy part of their fist to flatten the paper in a circular motion.

6. Peel the paper off the table slowly and admire your picture!

After they were dry, I cut the prints out and mounted them onto colored paper and then arranged them onto the wall.  I love my little art gallery :-)  

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