Friday, November 07, 2008

Potty Training times TWO

Last sunday, Sean and I were getting the twins ready for bed. A favorite game of theirs is to dash away as soon as their diapers are off and run naked around the room while we try to catch them.

P must have been in a very mischevioius mood that day because instead of running around furiously, he turned towards us, and with a twinkle in his eye, very purposefully peed on the floor and then laughed.

What a turkey!!

It was rather obvious that he was able to control certain bodily functions with great precision, so I ran him to the potty and he was happy to go pee like a big boy. His twin brother followed behind and had his turn on the big throne too.

Now since then, there has been a trail of toilet paper, pants and diapers strewn all over the place. Fights have erupted over the little potty and the big potty and flushing rights. I'm telling you, everything with twins is just that much crazier.

The thrill was, of course, flushing the toilet after he was done. I suppose this has been the thrill all along, and perhaps that's why they both have been visiting the potty every 5 minutes all morning. I have since fished a sippy cup full of milk and a hand towel out of the potty, wiped up many misses, and am just about to take two advil for a headache.

Note to self: buy two potties next time God lovingly blesses us with twins.

Note to husband: HIRE A CLEANING LADY!
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Angel said...

Oh, you brave woman. My guys are 3 and we have not yet stepped up to the potty. I figure that first they have to be able to go into a bathroom without emptying the contents of a bathroom counter into the toilet! Argh... LOL

melanie said...

Brave? No. Just living one day at a time here. Currently they are potty training themselves because I in fact, like you, am not ready LOL. Unfortunately they think it's so cool that they won't keep their diapers on for more than 20 min at a time.

These two kiddos are just setting their own agenda everywhere they go.

aunt val said...

What smart darlings!!

Tina said...

Your post reminds me so much of the stories my grandmother tells of how she potty-trained my mom and my uncle (they are paternal twins). They trained themselves. Luckily, my great-aunt was needing her potty chair at the time and lent it to my grandma. So the two of them were often seen sitting side by side on their potty-chairs. Our youngest is freshly trained and we have a potty in the schoolroom and upstairs and we have 2 toilets. This really helped us. My little guy likes to boot the big kids off the toilet because he thinks it is his. Ikea has simple potties for around $4. We found it well worth the investment. Cheaper than a pack of diapers.