Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Quick Takes

Following Jen's lead at Conversion Diary... Here are my Friday Quick Takes:


I love Google.  I use so many of their products, that my husband teases me about it all the time.  I love googling for things, checking my gmail, connecting with the world through google reader, updating my busy calendar with google calendar,  (which is great when you can share calendars with your parents and then know when are good times to call for help in babysitting!) organizing thoughts with google notebook, journalling my life with blogger, and keeping my pictures well organized with Picasa.  

Most recently, I have happily downloaded the new beta version of Picasa 3 (thanks mom), and I have been enjoying all of the new features, like making fun photo collages, and movies.   I have also started using google's new web browser Chrome which I really really like too.  It is very easy to use, quick, and doesn't have all the annoying toolbars that take up space like some of the other browsers.  I love the homepage option of having a snapshot of your most commonly visited websites that you can choose from. 


I am going to change the name of my blog soon.  I hope all of my faithful blog readers (Hi aunty melissa and mom!) will not be confused.  Stay tuned for updates!


There is a dinosaur doing math in my school room.  It's a good thing this dino is home schooled. His antics wouldn't last long in a real school :-)  He was doing great at reading, because T-Rex's can read, you know... but math was a struggle, because he only had two fingers on each hand and couldn't figure out how to hold the pencil.  
From dinosaur math


The babies (I mean the boys.. I guess I can't call them babies anymore, now that they are a big 2 years old) are learning slowly how to talk.  Here are some of their words:


please (in sign language)
puppy (in sign language)

And many other very understandable grunts and yells with varying intonation.  


My house is still clean... a whole week!! It helps that I started with a fully clean house (took a day off school work to clean and declutter).  It also helps that no one has been sick for a week. 
If only life was always this easy.  If anyone wants to come for a visit, this is the week to come!


Speaking of cleaning, I've tried to get into a bit of a routine:  Monday Laundry, Tuesday put laundry away, Weds piano lessons/holy hour, Thursday meetings, Friday Cleaning.  So far it seems to be working much better than my crazy plans I've come up with in the past.  


Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family in the States. We all have so much to be thankful for, don't we?


Angel said...

I need to know how you can keep the house clean for a whole week, even starting with a clean house. If I'm working in one room, my boys (all 3 age 3 and under) are undoing whatever it was I just did. And, of course, the big kids insure that the kitchen is never clean ;-)

Jennifer F. said...

I second Angel - I must know your secret to keeping the house clean with so many little ones!

Also, thanks for the Chrome plug. I've been wanting to try it but didn't know anyone who had actually used it.

Thanks for participating!

melanie said...

Keep in mind that the house wasn't clean the entire time. It does get messy about every 30 seconds..

I've just been making sure that I regularly pick stuff up, or make the kids pick up after themselves.
I try to go to bed with it clean again. It was so much work to clean it all the first time that I was determined to keep things tidy.

I just force myself to walk into the kitchen and start cleaning. I turn on Dr. Ray Guarendi's radio shows ( and I start. 80% the battle with me is just starting.

I find if it looks clean in most of the house, then people tend to put their stuff away more often. If it's messy everywhere, no one bothers and it just gets worse.

Anyways, like I said. THis is the week to come visit, because it's not usually like this LOL.

melanie said...

Plus.. I had to change my idea of what 'clean' really means. It's not Martha's idea.. and it might not even be Flylady's idea.

For me, it means I've vacuumed once this week, the floors aren't sticky, the countertops are shiny, my sink is not smelly and at the end of the night there isn't toys and clothes and books and food all over the floor and furniture.

Anonymous said...

your dinosaur is so handsome! couldn't figure out how to hold the pencil with two fingers hahahahahahahhahhahhahahahah

p.s. from jenny