Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm loving this!!

So we've been at this for almost 3 weeks and we are having lots of fun... Here's a list of some of the things I'm learning

  1. you can do school just about anywhere (yesterday we were learning to count by 5s while in the doctors office waiting)...
  2. if she is grumpy or hungry or tired.. or all three, then it's not the best time to do 'school'... and she's not going to miss out on entering Harvard if we take a day off when she is :-) In fact, when I try to force learning, it takes the joy out of it for her.
  3. Math is actually fun!
  4. Anything you call a 'craft' or 'storytime' will be an instant hit :-)
  5. Two year olds are smart little things!!! Zach can already recite the Angel of God prayer from just listening to Elizabeth practice it!!
  6. Starting the day with daily mass at 8am with three kids under 5 may sound crazy (LOL), but it's my saving grace and helps me to be a much better mom.
  7. oh- and any school work done on the floor is much more fun than sitting at the table. :-) (but I already knew that one !!)

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