Monday, September 26, 2005

a story about princess rebecca and prince sam

First day back after a week of being sick...

We did pretty good! I got up in time to say my morning prayers, we got out the door in time for mass at 8am, and then at home we did our religion, math (still practicing making double digit numbers), phonics and then writing/art. All before lunch time!!

Here is Elizabeth's story that she wrote this morning: (the princess is drawn using a crayon rub thingy where you design a doll with different clothes and then rub the crayon over the bumps)

A story about Princess Rebecca and Prince Sam

Written by Elizabeth Blair
Illustrated by Elizabeth Blair

Once up on a time there was a beautiful castle, and a lovely kind princess lived in it. The princess was named Rebecca, and there was a lovely kind prince. The prince’s name was Sam.

The princess was going to marry Sam the prince. Sam the prince wanted to marry her and she loved him. She cared for him. She really loved him.

Princess Rebecca was going to go on a big trip and Sam the prince was going to come with her. They were going to go to the princess’s grandma’s house. They were going to go on their horses.

The End.

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