Friday, September 23, 2005

Urgh... STILL sick!!

Well this has been a sick week. First zach then elizabeth, and now the baby. E and Z are starting to feel a bit better today, but now the baby is getting sick. I think I had about 3 hours of sleep last night (all after 5am LOL... Thank God that Sean didn't have to go to work today).

So what have we done for school this week? Not a whole lot of bookish stuff, but it's neat to reflect at the end of the day about all the learning opportunities we had throughout the day.

- Visits to the doctors office to see what they do there
- visits to the eye doctor (more on that later)
- watching Bambi on DVD (a classic!! but we fast-forwarded through the scary parts because Z was getting upset)... learned that a Doe is a mommy deer and a Buck is a daddy deer.
- read more stories in our children's bible. We are now up to the part where Moses is leading the Hebrews into the desert away from Egypt. (elizabeth's favorite)
- having fun with water painting, (she got a 'mini' watercolor set... really mini - about 2"x2". ) and then we looked in her picture books at examples of illustrators who used water colors. (I'd love to get some real watercolor paper.. and some water color pencils.
- an interesting attempt to make 'rubbery flubbery dough' (cornstarch and water cooked on the stove... yuck!!)

oh, and we got to visit grandma sonia for an afternoon (although elizabeth was sick so she just slept the whole time). But Zach sure had fun running around her place and playing with the tape measure. (grandma showed him how to pull it out and then let it snap back in).

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