Thursday, September 29, 2005

My little Students

Today is a nice warm fall day and we spent lots of time outside running around in the yard playing with bikes and leaves and the grass. I am just treasuring this time I have with my children. It is such a privilege to be able to homeschool them and spend so much time with them. I know if Elizabeth was at school this year, I would really miss her, and so would her little brother.

I love the fall... it always reminds me of when I was full of new life, waiting expectantly for my first little baby to come out and meet us. These few weeks of fall in Alberta are so beautiful and leave me busy planning all the fun things we will do over the winter months together... Spending more time with our family, reading books together on the couch, playing cards and laughing and laughing, preparing for Christmas time, and just enjoying each other. What funny looking tree will we get for Christmas this year? What silly story will I be left to tell after I attempt to make yet another turkey dinner? What will the kids faces look like on Christmas morning?

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