Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yesterday no posting, because I was too tired (YAWN!!) We went for her first day of classes at Phoenix. She had so much fun, although didn't really do much besides run around and play with another girl she met within 5 min. of being there. She's such a social creature. It gave me great insight into the difficulty she might have had in a regular kindergarten classroom... she just loves other girls too much to pay any attention to what she's supposed to be doing :-)

In her gym class they learned how to play tag, frozen tag and 'what time is it Mr. wolf?'. The little kids were just so cute playing tag. The teacher told them that home base (where they couldn't get tagged) was behind the soccer net and as soon as she said go, they all screamed and headed straight for the net, giggling the whole time at the poor little kid who was 'it'. Then they all ran out in a big clump screaming again, ran a lap around the gym and dived for the net again. I think the one little boy was 'it' for the whole game LOL.

Today, a doctor's checkup for the baby (she's just fine said the doctor), and then we went for a lovely fall walk along the river collecting leaves and grasses that are turning colors already. We'll make a little craft with them later. (always the highlight of elizabeth's day).

Now, off to clean up a bit and think about doing some phonics or something productive :-) Have a nice day everyone.

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