Friday, September 09, 2005

Yesterday we finished reading the book "The Littles to the Rescue!"... Elizabeth just loved the story (especially after her grandma let her watch Thumbelina at her house last week). I can't wait until she learns how to read... She has an insatiable appetite for books and wants me to read outloud to her constantly!! I'm glad she loves books. It's such a great way to learn about things.

I can already see the effects of her having been read to so much. When she plays with her toys, she acts as the 'narrator' and tells the story outloud with many colorful adjectives etc... For example, she'll be sitting on the couch playing with her princesses and her conversation will go something like this:

"and then the mean man came and threw the princess in the dungeon, and she screamed, but she was all alone. Then the prince came to find her and he quickly ran to the dungeon and rescued her and she was so happy"...

You can tell she reads instead of watches TV LOL.

Yesterday we also did more of our Five In A Row book, reading "How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World" (great book!). We decided to make a mobile with all the ingredients that you put in an apple pie. She colored a picture of each ingredient and then on the back wrote where they come from. (milk-cows, salt-ocean, egg-chicken, flour-wheat etc...).

Did you know that cinnamon comes from the bark of the kurundu tree in Sri Lanka? Elizabeth does :-) She did a great job of practicing her handwriting while making the mobile... She wrote out all the names of the ingredients. Her handwriting is getting very good! And she surprised me again by remembering how to spell 'egg'. She wrote it all by herself! (I showed it to her once earlier in the day).

Elizabeth also made a mobile for her brother (who is still very grumpy these days)... She saw that he was being very sad and cranky and decided to make him feel better by making him his own train mobile. He is very proud of it.

Oh- we also went to story time at a little bookstore over by the old army base. The kids had great fun, and got a balloon at the end. One of the stories she read was so hilarious that you have to see it. It's called Once Upon a Time, The End. A book written by a dad who condenses fairy tales and classic kids stories into short 60 second snippits. They are so funny!

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