Thursday, September 15, 2005

Making Decimal Street

Math-U-See is our math program we are using and it's so much fun playing with all of the little blocks and watching the teacher's DVD to see what the heck I'm supposed to be teaching.
Today we were learning place value. I'm not sure I ever got this when I was a kid, and I can't believe I'm teaching it to a kindergartener, but it's fun with little houses as you can see above :-) The tens are blue and they can only live in the ten's house... the 'units' are green and they can only live in the green house... the hundreds are red and they get to live in the hundred's castle!! We had fun making numbers today.. Especially when we got to make how old grandpa Ed was LOL.. (five tens and NINE units LOL... Figure it out yourself). She thought that was a lot.

Oh, and here is Zach's contribution to math above... he's spinning all the tens and a few units in my salad spinner. He also enjoys making math more challenging by shouting out random numbers when Elizabeth is trying to count or answer a problem. What a typical boy! (here I thought I was sheltering my little girl from those mean kindergarten boys who would pull her hair and tease her).


melissa said...

It sounds like you're having lots of fun!!! I'm sure dad likes that you made him an educational lesson!!!

Mom said...

I love your take on things and how you make it all fun. Great work.

Aunt Val said...

I love your castles. Elizabeth is a wiz and so are you, Mel.

That salad spinner was Doug's favorite thing ever. He used to laugh and laugh when I worked it and say, "again, again!"
He still loves to play with it.
No wonder he is so good at Math.

P.S. Zach wouldn't tease if his hair wasn't so short. :)

melanie said...

the haircut was daddy's job, but it was free, and he's cute :-) (the hairdresser and the boy LOL)