Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More Drawing...
Today I went to a workshop for new homeschooling moms on how to keep a portfolio of all the work your kids do.. such great idea of scrapbooks etc... but she made us swear we wouldn't create more work for ourselves and overburden ourselves. LOL no problem there.. i never take on too much!!

The kids stayed with grandma J while I went to learn. They sure have fun there!

When we got home, Elizabeth didnt' want to sleep so we did some more 'homeschool'. She wanted to do math first (so easy for her... but again she gets bored after about 10 minutes), and then she wanted to do story time so she pulled out this book I got at a thrift store on Toads and Frogs.

This is the narration she did for me (retelling what i read to her in her own words) and the picture she drew to illustrate it. I bought her a sketch book to keep all her drawings on acid-free nice paper.

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