Saturday, October 29, 2005

Busy week!

Well it's taking some time to recover from the whole birthday thing. Elizabeth has been playing with her new toys all day everyday and is still singing the Sound of Music wherever she goes (always in the quaint little English accent she is so good at mimicking).

With her great-auntie here all week too, we haven't got too much in the way of schooling done... Just the basics of math and reading and writing and religion each day. I've been experimenting more with following Charlotte Mason's suggestions of doing short 10 minute lessons in order to teach the habit of attention. This is something that Elizabeth really needs to work on. She'll forget what she's supposed to be doing 3 seconds after I tell her sometimes. Some of this is age related, and some of it is just her. However, with 3 kids and more to come - God willing - she needs to develop this habit of attention so that we can get our schoolwork done in a timely manner each day as they get older.

On Thursday I was having a really grumpy day and wished that my kids were in school and I was sitting in Starbucks with a good book, sipping a chai tea soy latte. sigh...(actually I still wish the Starbucks part LOL) But then on Friday we had a good day and Elizabeth did such a good job of reading and writing that I was feeling better again.... And we got all our work done before she was off with her friend Jordan to an Opera performance for homeschoolers. She enjoyed that, and thinks that Jordan's mommy is really great because she let them stop at the playground and play for 30 minutes.

She drew a great picture of some singers, with their music stands and sheet music, but in typical frazzled mom style, I left my camera at my mom's house so I can't show you the drawing. Next week, maybe.

Anyways, it's been a long week. Z throwing up one day, Z falling over and hurting himself 4 days, Z pouring dad's bike chain grease all over my stair one day, Heather grumping and spitting up on me, Z still learning to go pee and forgetting sometimes, E and Z waking up at 5:30 (hmmm... with daylight savings tomorrow, does that mean i'll have to get up at 4:30 if they keep doing this??? who invented that system anyways???)

At the end of all of it though, I am more in love with my family than ever before. My darling husband is so supportive of me and takes such good care of me. My children are so sweet and kind, and the only thing I'm really lacking is a good night's sleep.... oh- and an idea for a halloween costume. gotta run!

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