Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feast of Saint Francis

Today is a special feast day, so we decided to do our schoolwork around that theme:

We read a book about St. Francis (Good Man of Assisi) noticing the wonderful illustrations.

We also looked up Assisi and Italy on our globe and talked about how Grandma Leslie was there this summer.

Then Elizabeth drew a beautiful and very creative picture of St. Francis talking to the birds (with a cat following him.... I'm not sure if the cat is following him to hear him speak about God too, or if he just wants a lunch of yummy birds ).

The picture she drew is great!! She decided to do a border around her picture like the illustrator in the book and decorated it with clouds and flowers. I love the detail in her tree and the birds. Then she narrated a short paragraph for me about Saint Francis and then practiced her handwriting by writing "Saint Francis, By Elizabeth" on the top of the page.

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