Monday, October 03, 2005

SNOW!!! (and salty hot chocolate)

Wasn't it just a few days ago I was talking about fall and how short it lasts?

This morning we had a nice snowfall!!
The kids were so excited that they had to go out and play right after breakfast. They got on their winter boots and jackets and mitts for the first time since winter, and they had so much fun collecting the snow off of the fence and the grass. It didn't last long as it's just hovering around the 0 degree mark, but they loved it nonetheless. I still remember as a child the joy that comes with the first snow and the itching to run outside and play in it.

While outside, they also thought it would be fun to splash in the water that has collected in our wheelbarrow... And consequently got very wet and very cold, so they came in with nice rosy cheeks and freezing fingers, and we made hot chocolate together.

Now that was an adventure in itself, because we are on dairy-free diets around here so we had to find a recipe:

1 cup milk (or milk substitute) 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tbs cocoa
2 tbs sugar

heat 'milk' on stove or in microwave

mix well

and enjoy...... (that is IF you put the right ingredients in LOL)

When it had cooled and I did a quick taste-test to see if it was cool enough, I nearly spit it out in surprise!!!!!! We had added salt instead of sugar. The kids laughed and laughed at my funny expression. Oh, it was very yucky indeed. Two whole tablespoons of sugar in only 1 cup of ricemilk. blech!

We made it again with the correct ingredients and it was very good. They giggled like only little kids can do while they sipped it out of coffee mugs and dribbled it all over their faces.


melanie said...

I mean 2 whole tbs of SALT in one cup of milk.. yuck!

Auntie Melissa said...

That sounds disgusting!!!

It's only me said...

I made a similar mistake once, only I put sugar instead of salt in playdough, it doesn't work.