Monday, October 31, 2005

All Saints Eve

How much fun it is to be a kid!!! The fall is filled with so much fun for them. School starts, Elizabeth's birthday, Halloween, advent begins, Christmas...

Tonight we are going to an All Saints Eve party and so we are busy getting dressed up and ready to go. The kids wanted to be archangels, hence the outfits :-) Elizabeth wants to be Gabriel and I guess Zach is Michael which leaves Raphael for Heather, but I doubt she'll tolerate a costume.

Daddy is going as St. Joseph, and mommy is going to be St. Gianna Beretta Molla. (look her up, she is a really neat modern saint).

I'm having a great day today.. right now all 3 kids are asleep, the house is clean... and my good friend Lisa just stopped by with a Chai Tea Soy Latte for me and some split pea soup for dinner tomorrow.
What a sweetie!!! Friends are such a nice thing to have in life. It's funny, but until I became a mom, I never really spent much time with other women (except of course my two childhood friends whom I love to pieces). But now that I'm a mom and a wife I just cherish all of my girlfriends and know that life would be awfully dull without them. Women have a way of adding that extra special touch to things that can brighten your day. I now have many women friends and I feel so blessed because of each one of them (including my own mom and sister).

I guess that's why Pope John Paul II used to talk about how women were so special and why he called us the 'hearts' of our homes. He also used to talk about that feminine genius that us ladies all have. He wrote a wonderful Letter to Women awhile back that is a great read if you have time. It'll make you proud to be female.

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