Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Hills Are Alive....

...with the sound of music !!! Oh my, we just watched the Sound of Music with the kids this week and then checked the soundtrack out of the library and have been listening ad nasuem to the songs in the movie. What with Sound of music this week, and Mary Poppins last week, we are very well acquainted with Julie Andrews, and Elizabeth can do a beautiful english accent while singing her songs.

Zach especially loves to sing supercalifragalistic... over and over, and today elizabeth and I can't get 'do a deer, a female deer...' out of our heads. Have I given you the same joy by having them stuck in your heads too?

Seriously though, these movies are such a delight to us. We've discovered the fabulous resource of our library's dvd collection, and have been watching these great classics together. We haven't had to worry about bad language, scary parts or immoral bits that creep into even the most friendliest looking movies of today.

Anyone have any other recommendations for some old movies we might like to see? I really like the ones with songs in them so we can get the soundtracks too and then learn the music together.

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