Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Five Years Old!!!

It feels like time just slips through my fingers... I am amazed that I have a little girl who is already five years old!! (I'm even more amazed that I will be thirty next April...)

What a special day for my little pumpkin. She had a paper doll party with lots of presents and food and friends! All the guests at the party were so polite and sweet, and everyone had a hilarious time watching Elizabeth open her presents.... She literally screamed with delight as she opened each one. She's still excited 3 days later :-)

With all the chaos of getting ready for the party, and playing with family and friends, we haven't done a whole lot of schooling. I guess you can count two trips to the airport, cutting paper dolls for streamers, planning games for the party, and shopping part of schooling :-) Oh, and then there was math at the toy store yesterday while she picked out what she wanted to buy with the money from Grandma Sonia... (how much money does this cost? How much money do I have left after I buy that?). And, there was learning about phone manners today as the phone rang off the hook with birthday wishes from family.

What a pleasure it is to be a mom to such delightful children. I am having so much fun with them. Have I said that before? It's just such a privilege to be a mother, and a double privilege to be able to spend so much time with them and not have to work or send them off to school. We were joking at the birthday party about how the MOM should be the one getting the presents on the BIRTH day because she's the one who did all the work... But then I guess I really AM the one with the presents: three really big ones (and counting...) and I enjoy them and love them more each year.

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Columba said...

I'm so honored that the picture I took was chosen for this Blog!! Thank you, thank you...I'd like to thank the academy...