Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shopping for glasses

Tonight we went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for glasses. Elizabeth was so very brave when they put the eye drops in her eyes, and then she had lots of fun shopping for frames. We're going back tomorrow to finalize our choice. Isn't she cute?

We turned this into a science lesson and learned about how glasses are really like putting magnifying lenses up to your eyes, because they make things bigger. I showed her my glasses and we had fun looking through them at the letters on a page.
As well, she got a reading lesson at the eye doctors office when she got to 'read' the letters on the eye chart for him :-) Isn't homeschooling fun and so portable??


Aunt Val said...

I love you Melanie and your sweet, fun loving, serious, lovely Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

cousin jenny siad...
wow. melanie, you look so cute! wait, you mean that's elizabeth?

melanie said...

LOL... yeah, she kinda looks like me doesn't she?

We picked out some frames today and she's very happy... we'll get them next week. I guess her one eye is pretty farsighted (perscription of +5 in one eye and +2 in the other).

Her frames we picked out have star beads on the side thingys and she really loves them.