Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

For all of my family who is reading this, here is some pictures of thanksgiving this year. On Sunday night we went to grandma Leslie's and Grandpa Jack's house for dinner, and played Crokinole after dinner(very fun!), and then on Monday I cooked all day while Sean cleaned and occupied the kids for me.

For Monday's dinner we had: (all organic and very wholesome!!) homemade buns, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, home grown carrots, green beans with nutmeg, stuffing with sausage, Roast Turkey, fruit salad and of course apple pie and pumpkin pie.

I'm still aspiring to be like grandma sonia, but I haven't made it yet :-) A few minutes after putting the pumpkin pies in the oven I noticed a big measuring cup full of milk on the counter... hmmm.. I wonder what that was for? I wondered.
Out came the pies and in went the milk. (have you ever tried mixing milk into pie filling while it's already in the half-cooked shell? very messy and a bit gooey. LOL.
Grandma Sonia said it tasted great anyways, so I'm still happy :-)

Then after dinner, we played cards again, and I lost all my money this time.

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