Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Updates to my sidebar


I've updated my sidebar with some new links that are interesting:
  • Grandma Leslie has changed her website over to blogger to start a blog.. should be interesting if she posts for us :-)
  • My cousin has 2 really interesting blogs where she documented the making of 2 art projects. These are great, and I see on her website that she has won an award for her 'explorers' print at an art show this month. Great Job girl!
  • The infamous Aunt Val has her own blog which she occasionally posts to, but has a great writing style when she does.
  • We've added some more books to our 'homeschool book wishlist'... you can also consider this a sort of book recommendation list... one book I just found that I LOVE, and I know that some of you would love too (although it's a children's picture book) is called The Paper Princess, by Elisa Kleven. It is written so beautifully and the illustrations are fabulous. It's about a paper princess that a little girl makes and then before she gets a chance to finish her hair, she floats away on the wind and has some adventures.

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