Friday, October 14, 2005

Flower fairies

Yesterday Elizabeth:

- made a flower fairy out of modeling clay from a fun library book (mommy helped, but Elizabeth did most of the work... this is the fun stuff I love about homeschooling... we get to play together)
- practiced writing the letter Mm
- practiced building and reading 3 digit numbers
- practiced the guardian angel prayer and the morning prayer
- read more bible stories
- drew a picture of a purple and orange cow
- watched Heather learn how to crawl
- watched the begining of the Sound of Music with Daddy after dinner

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Auntie Melissa said...

How cute!!

Aunt Val said...

I love the sculpture but I really like the professional portrait studio shot with curtain background and all!

grandma Leslie said...

It's a beautiful fairy! I think Elizabeth has some of her cousin Jenny's talent.