Tuesday, December 13, 2005

advent learning

<---Our latest family picture... I was sick there and everyone climbed into bed with me :-)

With me being sick off and on for the last month and a half we haven't done much in the way of formal schoolwork where we sit down and learn something from a workbook, but we've still been busy learning lots every day.

Last week and this week on tuesdays and thursdays, elizabeth has been taking a ballet class called 'Wee Nutcrackers'. She is just loving it :-) On Thursday she has a 'recital' at her classroom and she's very excited about it. She has been learning all about the music by Tchaicovsky (sp?), and having so much fun dancing with her two little girl friends who signed up for the class with her. She can often be caught twirling through the house humming strings of the 'Dance of the sugarplum fairies' and other songs from the nutcracker. She is also fond of his other music from Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

Right now she is busy eating an apple and listening to a Classical Kids CD called 'Handel's Messiah'. She loves hearing the beautiful melodies and listening to the story that goes with it. Earlier today we were busy making christmas presents and cards.

She has also learned how to answer the phone, and she is very polite and sweet. She picks it up, says hello and then brings it to me like such a little grown-up. I can't believe how fast time flies. It just seems like yesterday that she was crawling around at my feet trying to pull up on my legs, and now it's heather who is busy doing that.


Dana said...

I always enjoy your blog mel...I'm glad you're feeling better. By the way, I was written by Dr. Seuss...not what I would have thought, but no surprise either! ;-)

Barbara said...

Hi Mel and family,

One week to go until Christmas.. sounds like you have had a full Advent. Give hugs to all the kids for me..6 years ago when you and Sean married, Elizabeth was still waiting to be conceived.. now you have 3!! Wow.

I still think about your beautiful wedding day, the tree center pieces and the gingerbread wedding cake.Happy Anniversary.Good times.

Love to all