Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wee Nutcracker

Today was my little ballerina's last ballet class and they had a mini recital for us where they performed the Nutcracker ballet. It was so adorable, and Elizabeth was so proud. This class was just with our local Parks and Recreation program and it was four classes for less than $30. It was so much fun for her and waaaaaayyy less stressful and serious than her ballet school she did last year (not to mention way cheaper too). This is definitely the way to go as far as I can see. The little girls were so sweet acting out the ballet and copying their teacher.
Elizabeth was telling everyone she met that today was her recital, and she was so brave performing in front of an audience.

After we came home from the big performance, she wanted to do some piano lessons . Last weekend I bought a piano book for preschoolers that came with a CD, and she has really been enjoying listening to it and learning how to play the piano. The course is called Music For Little Motzarts by Alfred Publishing, and it's really good. Maybe one day she'll do a recital for us :-) She is definitely into the arts.

After the ballet class she wants to do another art class... And Jenny, you'll be glad to hear that she wanted to know if one of the projects they were going to do in the art class was take photographs (because she knows that Jenny is an artist and she takes pictures LOL).


jen said...

that is so sweet! I love elizabeth. (I love you, too!)

Aunt Val said...

Melanie, thank you for the beautiful pictures of Elizabeth! I feel a gorgeous print a comin'!

Elizabeth, you look like a princess and so does your friend. I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon,
Love, Aunt Val