Friday, December 02, 2005

Don't Ask

You don't even want to know what i'm doing today.I didn't think it was possible to get the flu two times in one month, but URGH! I'm sick in bed again.

Anyone have any advice on how to build up my immune system again? because I'm obviously quite run down.

The kids are great though, and are such a bright spot in my day though. Elizabeth climbed into bed with me and rubbed my back and was so maternal, and the other two are so sweet too.

Gotta go back to bed.


AV said...

OOOh, Mel, I am so sorry you are sick again.
o.k. here's what you can do:

this one is hard--get at least 8 hours sleep, you must do this!! Your body needs to recharge itself.

get enough vitamin C and vitamin D--the D is very important in northern latitudes

make sure you get adequate Folic Acid--women really need this

lots of fruits and vegies--but you know that

exercise--with 3 kids I go no further

laughter--I think you get quite a bit of that, too

Next year, sweetie, get a flu shot--they're safe and effective

I love you,
Aunt Val

Sharon said...

Mommies shouldn't get sick. Everyone needs them too much! lol.

I hope you are feeling better soon.
No disrespect to your aunt that posted, but I don't think the lfu shot would make much a difference. The ingredients in those vaccines are not very healthy, and some of the ingredients can be outright harmful. ( is a great pro-life site discussing this)
Anyay, just had to share b/c so many people assume the shots are healthy and good b/c a dr. suggests them. And so many people actually get hurt! :(
And I love your blog, so i really don't want that to happen.

Keep getting the fluids!