Friday, December 16, 2005

Dinosaur Math

Elizabeth wanted to learn about Dinosaurs today, so with the magic of the internet I found some math worksheets online to print off for her. There are so many great resources out there for free... You can literally teach your kids for free by just using the internet and your library card!!
(of course that would require much work on mom's part sorting through all the junk out there, and organizing it all etc... So I will still be buying curriculum because it's much easier on me).

Here are a few places we have found with great worksheets (what are some of your favorite sites?):
homeschool share (free unit studies)
enchanted learning

We also did another Jesse Tree symbol. We are a little behind because of me being so sick, but that's ok :-) She's starting to get the concept of history and the idea that Moses and Adam and eve and Noah etc.. all came BEFORE Jesus did. I consider this great training for starting up a formal history curriculum in the next few years.

This picture was of Joseph (you know, the technicolor dream coat guy). He was sold into slavery by his 11 brothers who didn't like him (because his dad loved him the best - hence the cool coat of many colors he gave him). I guess Joseph is the guy being pulled behind the horse. He's frowning and the captor is smiling. I love the details she puts in her pictures... Also look how she has the guy on the horse facing the same direction as the horse is. She's a better artist than I am already LOL


jen said...

I love dinosaurs!!!! RAAAAWR!!!!!

Melissa said...'re so scarrrrry!