Monday, December 05, 2005

From Sean

Well, Mel is still down and out, so Daddy is staying home today to watch the castle. Why is it that the smaller they are the more work they create? For example, Heather is dissatisfied with being on the floor, but is also quite dissatisfied with being on my lap while I do this and would like to keep busy, helping mce tow o typwe fors`` she's playing with the fax machine and may have called Hong Kong...

Mommy is so bored of being sick and misses her regular routine with the kids. The kids miss her too, always asking about her. So, I had them draw some pictures to cheer her up.

The one above is Elizabeth's depiction of "Mommy and Elizabeth at a recital".

This one is by Zach, and is either a snowbird flight path, a train track, or his depiction of humanity's struggle for understanding in the light of suffering. He hadn't made up his mind yet. But he gave it to Mommy and she thought it was cute, and that's all he cares about.

Pray for Mel to have a quick journey to Health!!


Melissa said...

I'm praying for your swift recovery Mel!

Get better soon....and please don't get sick again this winter!

Love ya,
Melissa :)

jen said...

MELANIE!!! It is very important that you get better. so there. p.s. hello! get better! and another thing... please get well soon.

p.p.s. better. get. you.

Mom said...

Way to go Sean. You are doing a terrific job of filling in for Mel. Get well quickly Melanie, I'm sending you all my good vibes.

Grandma Leslie said...

It (Zach's picture) is definitely Thomas the Tank Engine.
Get well soon, Melanie!

jen said...

hey guys, why is your entire blog a link?

melanie said...

Jen, does it really look like that to you? must be a problem when it's viewed with macs?