Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas questionnaire

Sharon tagged me, so I thought I would fill out the questionnaire :

1. Hot Chocolate or apple cider? mmmm... Apple cider
2. Turkey or Ham? Turkey!! (with lots of gravy, but the ham my sister made last night was really good too!)
3. Do you get a fake or real-you-cut-it-yourself Christmas tree? We just switched to artificial, because we love to get our tree really late in the season (yesterday), and decorate it on Christmas Eve, and keep it up until Epiphany. They always die before then, and in fact they are usually dead when we go to the tree lot on the 22nd or 23rd LOL. So we splurged and bought a nice country-style one. One of my favorite memories was when we got to go cut one down in the woods with grandma and grandpa one year as a kid.
4. Decorations on the outside of your house? yup! pretty evergreen garlands, lights, and a nativity scene.
5. Snowball fights or sleddin'? brrr! I guess sleddin, but it's more fun to watch the kids do it.
7. Do you enjoy going downtown shopping? Urgh! no way! I don't like shopping at all anywhere during Christmas! I made some presents, and I bought a bunch online.
8. Favorite Christmas song? Away in a Manger
10. How do you feel about Christmas movies? I have some favorites from my childhood, like Rudolf, and that one where the boy got his tongue frozen to the pole... yeah, I guess I do like them! But we don't have a TV so we haven't watched many this year.
11. When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music? I usually try to wait until at least a few days before Christmas, and then we aren't sick of them for the real 12 days of Christmas!
12. Stockings before or after presents? Duh!! of course BEFORE! Like there is any other way LOL
13. Carolers, do you or do you not watch and listen to them? Never had any come!! but we love singing :-)
14. Go to someone else's house or they come to you? We like to have everyone come here.
15. Do you read the Christmas Story? If so when? We are just starting this tradition: we are going to read it on Christmas Eve when we come home from mass, just before we go off to bed. After the story is done we'll put baby Jesus in our Nativity Scene
16. What do you do after presents and dinner? Clean up!! have pie, and then get the kids in bed, and if everyone isn't too tired, we LOVE playing cards or other games.
17. What is your favorite holiday smell? Cinnamon and nutmeg.
18. Ice skating or walking around the mall? I LOVE ice skating!! can't wait till the kids are a bit older so we can enjoy it. I HATE the mall and NEVER go there :-)
19. Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas day? We like to wait for Christmas Day unless some family isn't going to be here (like my sister)
20. Favorite Christmas memory? Being with my family as a child at grandma sonia and Grandpa pete's house playing cards and laughing until my tummy hurts!! I loved Sledding down the big hill, playing games with my cousins, NUTMEG!!, going for walks in the snow, eating Jo squares, playing pictionary and Slang Teasers, watching Wheel of Fortune, helping set the table, trying to get out of cleaning up after dinner, eating Pep candies from Grandpa pete, and cough drops from Grandma sonia, eating Grandma sonia's mashed potatoes. I especially liked the night my cousins and I stayed up late gambling and playing Martha Stewarts Wedding (a card game we invented). I just LOVED Christmas time at my grandparents house. It was the thing we looked forward to all year.
21. Favorite Part about winter? Chinooks! and My anniversary.
22. Ever been kissed under mistletoe? hmm.. i can't recall
23. Tagging... Ok, If you want to fill this out, post it on your blog: (or anyone can just fill it out and leave it in the comments section if you'd like to share you answers with me :-) )
Aunt Val


Les said...

That was fun. Merry Christmas, everyone!

bjupMoM said...

I posted mine on my blog if you want to see! Sarah