Monday, December 12, 2005

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today I am feeling much better... but my house is another story :-) A week and a half without a wife's touch is a long time for a house. Especially with three little kids and their dad running wild through it. (actually, dad did do a lot to help keep up with the housework... but nothing can replace a woman's touch).

We spent the morning doing laundry and more laundry (and more laundry), and also cleaning up the kitchen, and just about every other room in my house. After we (I) had made at least a dent in the work, elizabeth settled down to do some drawing, and then some playing with with her leap pad.

St. Nicholas came to our house on sunday morning, and the kids were just so sweet about the whole thing... the night before, elizabeth came downstairs at around 10pm, still awake, wanting to make sure that I knew that St. Nicholas wouldn't come if me and daddy didn't go to sleep. LOL. Luckily I went to bed early that night, because shortly after 5:30 the next morning, the kids came running into my room with great excitment, waving chocolate in their hands and wanting to give Heather a cookie they found in her boot. (st. nick couldn't forget little heather I guess). Sean and I wearily dragged ourselves downstairs, making a mental note to talk to them about what time they can go downstairs for Christmas morning), and enjoyed their excitment. Aren't kids the sweetest thing ever? I can't wait for Christmas to come!!

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Melissa said...

That's so cute.

I wish that I could spend Christmas Eve at your house again!!!!

Love you lots, and I'm glad you're on the mend!