Friday, December 30, 2005

Some new websites I have found

Lakeway Learning This site looks very helpful: lesson plans, schedules and ideas for using Charlotte Mason's ideas in homeschooling... from a Catholic perspective, and for grades K-2 right now. JUST what I've been looking for :-) Thanks Mary! A website dedicated to finding the good quality kids websites out there. It has some fun links (including another snowflake maker) and is definitely worth checking out...

The Canadian Encyclopedia An online Enclyclopedia of! Try their Canucklehead quiz and see how much you know about Canada

iMusic Store: Purchase and then download tons of different audio books for adults and children... I'm really excited about this because I'm forever trying to find good audio books for the kids to listen to, and they are always out at the library (or scratched so they don't work halfway through the story). What a great source!! I think we'll getd Anne of Green Gables, and Narnia first!!

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