Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy weekend

This weekend we had lots of fun things to do.

On Saturday night we went over to Sean's brother's house for a Christmas tree decorating party. It was fun for us to go to their new house and be a part of their own new traditions as a young family. (they've been married just over two years).

The kids had so much fun eating appetizers, hanging ornaments on the tree, reading Christmas stories, and decorating cookies. Auntie Anna and Uncle Cameron are so much fun! They always fill the kids up on sweets just before bedtime, and then get them super excited and full of crazy energy. There's something about Aunties and Uncles that does that to them..... ah.. Just wait until they have kids.

Then on Sunday evening we went to a Familia Christmas party at our good friend's house, and had a ball playing with friends. Elizabeth was overjoyed to find three of her little friends there, and they played all night long. Zachariah was having a great time playing with his little friend Joseph (they are almost the same age), and even Heather made a friend. :-) I just love events where there are a bunch of Regnum Christi families gathered together, and the children outnumber us four or five to one sometimes LOL. It's such a joy to watch them all running around and having fun. The gift of life is so precious.

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Melissa said...

Looks like fun!!!!