Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good morning!

I've finally made it out of bed!!! I'm still quite weak and out of it, but I'm definately on the mend. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers and love.

Now that I'm back to blogging, I have no one to blog about because the kids are at the grandpa's house for the day (my father in law...what an angel for taking them and letting me rest).

Let me tell you, family is one of those treasures that is so special. I got sick very quickly on thursday night and Sean had to be at a silent retreat all weekend, so by the love and kindness of my parents, me and the kids camped out there all weekend. They played with the baby, changed her diapers and fed her. They helped the 2 yr old to the bathroom, stopped fights, made them all take naps, read stories and played games. They also took care of me the whole time as I was very ill in bed with a high fever that tylenol wasn't helping.

When my grandma heard I was sick she made up a care package of home made good food and sent it over to me too.

Then Sean stayed home for two days of work to do the same, and today my mother in law came and brought me communion and then stayed to make me tea and clean up the kitchen.

So what have we learned in our school this week?

1. There is nothing as nourishing to a sick person as LOVE
2. A close second is grandma sonia's chicken soup
3. It is a very good thing to help out daddy when mommy is sick
4. When you are sick you need lots of rest, so it's good to be quiet for mommy to sleep.
5. It is good to obey your grandparents too.
6. Grandma and grandpa have lots of movies :-)

I just love my kids to pieces. They are so dear and their smiling little faces make me so happy. Thank you God for the gift that they are.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad that you're getting better. Take care of yourself today.....and go get a FLU SHOT!! LOL! I'll buy you a lollipop if you do!

Lisa said...

I as well am so glad you are getting better. I hope this goes away for GOOD:)


Sharon said...

Family IS such a blessing. :)
You sound very blessed to have so many caregivers in your world. You sound very loved!

melanie said...

THank you everyone :-)

I'm still really weak, and can't do much but sit around still... but I'm getting better for sure now.

Yes, I am very blessed to be so surrounded by family. Early on in our marriage we made a conscious choice to stay where our family was for that support. It was a good decision!

AV said...

"it was a good decision" and a lucky one!! You were able to stay near your family, not everyone is.

I am glad that you are on the recovery trail. I've missed your missives!

Love and kisses to all!

Aunt Val