Monday, January 30, 2006

Canadian History

On the net there are so many resources for homeschoolers, but I have found that most of them are from the states or for people in the states. I know that I want to include canadian history in our studies, because it's important to know where your own country came from and how it got the way it is today... but I hadn't a clue where to start with teaching this.. until i came upon some of these great resources:

Read your way through Canadian history
an extensive book list of 'living' books you can find at the library or bookstore.

Modern History Through Canadian Eyes:
A Canadian History Guide for All Ages

This is a guide that allows you to see what was going on in Canada during all the periods of world history... looks like a good tool to use with TWTM style history where you go chronologically through world history.

The CanHist Yahoo! group where you can discuss and ask questions about teaching canadian history to your homeschooled kids.

Our Canadian Girl a historical fiction series about girls from different time periods in Canadian history... the website has some good resources to go with the books, as well as sample chapters.

More links:


CBCs Canadian history movie series

Canadian Kids

Historica! Canadian history and heritage


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see this but then the link Read Your Way Through Canadian History is broken:( Do you know the correct link for this?

Catholicmommy said...

oh sorry! here's the new link:
Read your way through canadian history

Harvestmom said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog this morning. I'm a Canadian homeschool mom and looking for reviews to compare "Donna Ward's" curriculum program to that of "Modern History Through Canadian Eyes" program. Have you used either of these and do you have some comparative comments?