Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Painting with Watercolors

On Saturday afternoon, while the kids were upstairs bugging their dad and making a mess in their room, Mommy took out the watercolor paints, brushes and paper and started having fun without the kids!!

Of course, as soon as they came down and saw the fun, they wanted to join in! We had lots of fun painting and coloring.

E got a really neat book for Christmas called
The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, by Laurence Anholt. We had fun looking at the way Monet painted, and then tried doing our own impressionist paintings.

After she finished, we framed some of them and hung them on our wall. She is so proud!
The last photo is of E at her new Art Class she is taking. It looks like a fun class!


melanie said...

before you ask, NO She didn't paint that picture on the very top. It's a book... she's painting the picture frame in that picture :-)

Auntie Melissa said...

Tell Elizabeth that I think that her painting was the best in her class!!!

Love you guys,
Auntie Melissa