Thursday, January 19, 2006

reading in real life

We've been focusing on trying to get a reading lesson in each day this week and we are doing great! E is starting to be able to read words much faster than before, and she even read a word out in the real world today all by herself!! I was so proud of her to see her trying out her new skill without me:

We were in the van waiting for daddy to get the rental one we need while our oddessy is in the shop, and her and Z were busy pushing every button they could find to see what it would do. Z's favorite was when he turned on the headlights and the "ding... dong... ding... dong..." would play to let me know that I left my lights on. :-) They spent a good five minutes alternating between dancing to the 'pretty song' as they called it, and flashing the high beams into the office we were parked in front of.

Anyways, while she was trying to show Z how to turn on the 'music' again, she read the words on the lever: o...f...f "Off!" O...n... "on!". She was so proud!

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Auntie Melissa said...

That's awesome!

And I love the part about the high beams!