Tuesday, January 24, 2006


If you could see me, I would look so well rested and calm. I have just returned from a wonderfully silent three day retreat, and my soul and body are both rejuvenate.

To a mother of small children, silence is a precious treasure . It can only be found in those rare, golden moments in the afternoon when all three are napping at the same time, or in the dark, middle of the night (if no one is wanting milk, a reassuring kiss, a night light, or a trip to the bathroom). Unfortunately, both are times when a mother is often asleep, herself.

This weekend I was given a beautiful gift: two and half whole days where I could finish my thoughts uninterrupted, eat my meals without wiping up spills, say my prayers in peace, and even go to the bathroom with the door closed :-). My darling husband stayed home with all three kids, including our little nursling and took such good care of them so I could enjoy my retreat.

The silence left such a void in my head that for the first little while I didn't know what to do! No "Mommy, I have to go pee"... "mommy where is my teddy bear?"... "I want a snack!!". No dishes to put away, no dinners to plan, no diapers to change, no reading lessons to do. Just the quiet peace of a small chapel, the snow falling in the trees, the deer walking in the meadow outside the window, the inspiring meditations from our retreat director, and the quiet small voice of God that is so often drowned out back home.

Everyone should have the opportunity to go on a silent retreat!! The silence and the time apart can raise us above the daily fog that we live in, so we can see the sun and the bigger picture of what's important in life. I'm so blessed.


Auntie Melissa said...

You and Sean should try to take a trip away together....I'm sure you could pull it off with all of your family here (as long as you planned in advance).

Love ya,

melanie said...

Now that you mention it.... -grin- we are trying to get away to the homeschooling conference in march. :-) I'm not sure if we'll take the baby with us or not. I'd love to be able to go without any of the kids, but she still gets up at night.