Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Knights and Princesses...Preschooler style

Our little five year old has the most contagious laughter. It would often only rise to it's full hilarity when other children were around... But now that her brother is becoming quite the playmate (and developing his own silly sense of humor), we are regularly treated to her loud peals of laughter throughout the day.

Yesterday morning, while I was still half-asleep in bed trying not to wake up yet, they began to play princess and knight - acting out those roles which, deep inside, all of us want to play. (I just love watching how boys and girls are so different... And so predictable in how they play. Just a few days ago they were playing on my bed while I was trying to sleep (do I detect a pattern here??) when Zach, wearing his new Superman PJs comes with a toy hammer, starts banging on the wall above my head, and tells me he's going to 'knock down the wall!". Then, sweetly from the bed Elizabeth smiled and beamed with pride as she showed Zach his Superman cape that she had lovingly folded up for him in a neat pile like mommy folds the laundry.)

Anyways, back to yesterday morning. They began to play princesses and knights, and I listened to their game, expecting the usual: bad guy comes, prince kills the bad guy, princess says 'oh! Thank you!' and they get married. Of course, being a princess myself, I know how the game is supposed to end... But this prince had other ideas. I guess that's what happens when you play with a very silly 2 year old boy because this is how it went:

princess Elizabeth: ok, you be the prince, and I'll be the princess!

Z: (in a very growly voice) I'm NOT the prince!! I'm one of the bad guys

(hey! That's not supposed to happen!!)

Z: ... And I have to go pee! (then he runs to the bathroom and pretends to go pee, while Elizabeth has dissolved into laughter that threatens to wake up the neighbor's)

I guess preschoolers really can bring potty humour to any situation!


Auntie Melissa said...

I love how Zach is turning into such a little boy!!! We can't wait for his Birthday.....we can finally buy some boy toys!!!!!! Ya Hoo!

Aunt Val said...

I love this story of E & Z. Z is just too much fun. I wish I could hear E laughing!! It's one of my favorite sounds.