Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day two of real life after holidays

Zach painting a masterpiece Back at it again!! Today, like the lucky homeschooler she is, Elizabeth has done her schoolwork in her ballet/fairy costume, complete with sparkly wings and a tutu. The teacher is lucky too: she's lounging at the front of the classroom in her PJs.

This morning we are back to reading in the Old Testament, and we came to E's favorite story. Here is her picture and her narration she gave to me after reading the first half of the story:

(the picture is of baby Moses in the basket with his mom and brother on the left side of the shore drawn very small because they are far away, and with pharoh's daughter and her servants on the right side of the shore. Moses's sister is also on the right side and she is far away too so she is drawn small.)

Moses and the Israelites
By Elizabeth Blair
Age 5

There was a new pharaoh who ruled over Egypt and so God sent a new man to come and take care of the Israelites. A girl named Jochebed wanted to save her baby and so she made a basket elizabeth's picture of mosesof straw and then put the baby into the basket and then put him in the river. The baby started to cry, but it kept on floating. Pharaoh's daughter found the basket. She opened up the lid and she gently picked up the baby. She took him out of the water and then she hugged him and she named him Moses because she pulled him out of the water.

Moses grew up in the palace. Moses tried to take care of the Israelites and Pharaoh tried to kill Moses so he went to another country and then he became a shepherd. And something strange happened: he saw a bush on fire, but it wasn't burning up. From inside the bush, God spoke to Moses. He said "Moses, take my people somewhere else. A place called Canaan".

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