Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kindergarten is so much fun!

I am so blessed to have started thinking about homeschooling waaay before my eldest daughter was old enough to even talk, because I have had lots of time to sort through all of the opinions and methods and books and styles out there. When we started this year of Kindergarten I was all gung-ho to turn her into a super academic star!!!!

Now, half-way through the year, I am starting to see the wisdom of letting kids be kids, and easing off on my expectations of both myself and my child. Kindergarten is fun! Lots of playing with toys, reading stories, making crafts, listening to music, and playing outside. I don't need lesson plans and schedules for that! That is real life for us.. it's what we do everyday because the 2 year old and the baby naturally facilitate it for us. She still has the luxury of a nice nap in the afternoon... lots of time to play with her siblings, lots of time to watch mommy do work around the house and learn how to help her, lots of time to make up elaborate stories that she acts out with her dolls or princesses.

If she doesn't learn to subtract, tell time, tie her shoe laces, recite poetry, count by fives, etc... she's not going to be behind. The funny thing is, it's when we spend a few weeks doing NO school at all that she makes the most progress when we get back to it.

I guess she's teaching me so much more that I could ever teach her: relax. giggle. enjoy playing with your family. take naps.

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Aunt Val said...

I never learned to tell time until grade 3! (blush)

I think the progress she has made this year in kindergarten has already graduated her with honors!