Friday, January 13, 2006

reading with your eyes closed

We are getting so much done this week... must be because I'm feeling so good again. (I'm not sick, and I'm also in a rare moment of brain clarity... moms- you know the space between the pregnancy hormones that make you a little spacey and the breastfeeding ones that make you even worse?)

The key to getting homeschooling off to a good start is to nab the kids while they are still happily sitting at the table eating their breakfast :-) This morning we started off with Language Arts, and did a whole round of spelling, reading, writing and even some coloring.

I had to laugh during 'reading' time when I looked up at Elizabeth though. She was reading to me a bunch of words in a list. I guess it's to practice building up her 'fluency', or speed, in reading. Anyways... she looked so proud of herself'... because she told me that she could read with her eyes closed! She figures that if you can do something with your eyes closed, you must be REALLY smart!! She always practices walking with her eyes closed, and has been known to try eating and dancing too... so I guess she thought she would add reading to her list of accomplishments.

How do you argue with that logic?

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